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Investment Management & Analysis

We help you build an investment portfolio aimed at withstanding the volatility of the financial markets. We do this by thoroughly understanding your investment goals and objectives, tolerance for risk, constraints for investing, and prudent diversification of assets.

The asset analysis and investment policy that we provide you will promote investment discipline and strategy, and will provide direction so that you will better be able to work toward your future investment goals.

Step 1: Fact Finding
We ask you questions about your financial situation, risk tolerance, life goals, income needs, and future investment contributions. Typically, we ask for a copy of all statements that show investable assets.

Step 2: Planning & Strategizing
We present our written analysis of your investments. Our report will show you how your investments are currently positioned and whether you are on track to achieving your future goals. We will show you potential problem areas in your portfolio and make recommendations on strategic repositioning of your investments. Our goal is to help you maximize investment return at your given risk tolerance level.

Step 3: Implementation of Investment Policy
We invest your portfolio according to the strategies that are outlined in our written investment policy statement. We provide you ongoing fundamental analysis on the individual investments in your portfolio and help you make buy and sell decisions to keep you on track to achieving your investment goals.

Step 4: Monitoring and Updating
We constantly monitor your portfolio and individual investments to keep you invested according to our written strategy. On a quarterly basis we will communicate the performance of your portfolio to you so that you will know how your investments are performing and how we are performing.

Step 5: Annual Updates
After we have performed a year of investment management service, we will update your investment analysis and policy statement.

While the financial markets are constantly changing so too are individual circumstances. The frequent communication that we have with you allows us to take advantage of opportunities in the market place to strategically position your investments according to your goals and objectives.